February and March
Celebration of the fiestas of carnival
March and April
Celebration of saints week
May 1
Day of the worker, in our region it is known as the day of flowering.
June 29
Celebration of the say of the fisher in Sausacocha, where it is called the festival of “The Trout of Gold.”
July 10
Commemoration of the battle of Huamachuco
July 15
Paying Homage to the late hero Leoncio Prado
July 29
This is a traditional and spectacular ceremony that manages to assemble—in the Plaza de Armas de Huamachuco—thousands of people from the city and countryside, who with their force, and the help of beams intertwined like large ropes, lift a large beam of approximately 40 meters, which initiates the local festivities in the honor of the virgin of Huamachuco. 
August “Fiesta Patronal”— or the ‘Celebration of the Town’s Saint’

-Regional Festival of the Vicuña

-Cultural Event: “Los Wamachukos”

-August 15: Central day of the festival and Anniversary of the Foundation of Huamachuco. Religious festival in honor of the “Virgen de la Alta Gracia”, the patron saint of the town of Huamachuco. It has been one of the biggest and most popular festivals of the region, where highlights are a serenade, invited musical groups, novenas, dances, and more.

-August 17,18, and 19:Bullfighting
October 4
A majestic celebration in honor of San Francisco de Asís, organized by the brotherhood and the devotees of the Saint. Thousands of devotees are painted black, wear a brown coat, a beret, white scarf, and have a red carnation on their lips. They are barefoot the entire procession around the Plaza Mayor, adorning various multicolored carpets alluding to the great missionary work of Taita Pancho.
November 1 and 2
All of the saints and deceased faithful