Hostal Huamachuco

Hostal Huamachuco

Around town Hostal Huamachuco is known to be popular with the younger travelers. Quiet area also located on the Plaza. Large Beautiful courtyards. Very clean and organized with friendly and helpful staff. 22 rooms although small, very tidy. The Large common areas make up for the smaller private rooms. There is also the availability of Free Parking if needed.
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Rooms and Prices:

Simple: S./ 40.00
Double: S./ 55.00
Triple: S./ 75.00
Matrimonial S./ 55.00

Service: (Out of 5 Stars)

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Cleanliness Rating:

Dirty – Manageable – bulletClean – Spotless


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Contact Information
Hostal Huamachuco
Telephone: 044-440599
Website: Online!