Recommended length of stay: 4 hours.

Cushuro is a site of incredible beauty and is just about a 30 minute drive from town. Laguna Cushuro is a natural reserve of great biological wealth with trout, carpet, nutritious cushuro seaweed, and the beautiful vicuña. Here, you are able to practice sports such as hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and more. Also, you are able to enjoy bird watching and the view of the grand Inca trail or Capaq Ñanq.

Cushuro is the site of the annual festival "El Gran Chaccu." The festival attracts people from all over the region. Participants dress in traditional clothing and carry out a ceremony including performance and dance.

"El Gran Chaccu" refers to the native Chaccu pictured below. An animal both cherrished and sacrificed in an event that occurs during the day-long festival.

(Pictured Below) Try to attend the full-day event of "El Gran Chaccu" in the Month of July. Held in Cushuro, it is a must-see!